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Mitch Kitter, owner of PropogandaAK and partner in the ownership of The Studio, has pushed himself to accomplish every goal set before him in becoming a respected, creative photographer. Inspired by music, his work focuses on achieving a more artistic and eye-catching photo so all of his subjects have a unique portrait.

Having grown up in Alaska, Mitch bought his first Digital SLR when he was 16 years old, and has been honing his skills ever since. He won his first photography contest at the Alaska State Fair and has been pursuing photography as a career ever since. His work now appears in international publications, CD covers, corporate, and non-profit organizations alike. 


Shalem Mathew, owner of Shalem Photography, is an Anchorage based photographer specializing in senior portraits, conceptual engagement shoots and destination weddings. Shalem brings a personal touch and creativity to each one of his shoots. Shalem captures a stunning convergence of high fashion, art, elegant portraiture and style. His work has been published nationally and internationally in fashion and beauty magazines including Cosmo Girl, Estetica and American Salon. 



Based out of Anchorage, Dori specializes in photographing families, children and new borns. She started photographing in college as an elective. When she had her children she became almost compulsive in my photographing of family's lives. She began to appreciate the mess of toddler meals and the amazing entertainment found in simple tasks like brushing teeth and taking bubble baths. Children find magic in the ordinary and every-day. And our lives move so fast – sometimes we need to stop – breathe and look back at the journey that we’ve taken. To see our stories and relive those moments over again.

That is the gift she hopes to give to her clients. Images that evoke the memory of these messy, beautiful lives.